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23 Juli 2014


Tour up to a maximum of 4 people
The Vesuvius eruption in 79 AD flooded with lava all the little Vesuvius towns in the nearby. Pompeii? s fate is inexorably linked to the Vesuvius. Each time we talk about Pompeii our mind always remembers about how its volcano in 79 AD signed its end by a violent eruption. All the stories concerning the eruption?s days written by Pliny the younger to Tacitus are very famous and dramatic. The roman writer described his uncle Pliny the Elder?s death during the eruption. After the disaster, Pompeii was buried under an over 6 m thick layer of ash and lapilli. This tragedy put an end to this town even though it was these very buried wall saved one of the most famous archaeological and picturesque sites known to man. Walking along the Decumani and the Insule paved with the original stones it is the most wonderful and striking experience that a man can live. Pompeii?s temples, fori, houses and villas, streets, amphitheatres and Roman theatres enchanted the visitor by taking him in an imaginative journey through time. Vesuvius is certainly the most famous and dangerous volcano in the world. Indeed it is not the highest volcano in the world but certainly the most monitored (all together with all the volcanoes in the Phlegraean Fields and Ischia). its history has inextricably linked to the destruction of Pompeii and Herculaneum with all the rest of the Vesuvius little towns such as Stabia and Oplontis. Vesuvius is the only active volcano of mainland Europe and its shape inspires the curiosity and fear of all people living on its slopes, or just walking at his sight. One thing is sure: the scenario of the Gulf of Naples and Mount Vesuvius dominating on the sea is probably one of the most beautiful natural wonders of our planet! Climbing up to the crater means to relax, to have a best moment of real trek and to breath the real history of this volcano. Its destructive power has earned since ancient times the respect of the local and passing people
This tour starts and ends at the Neapolis Hotel.
The departure is scheduled at about 9 am
The tour lasts approximately 5/7 hours.
You will visit: Vesuvio e Pompei
The timetable for each visit is linked to the importance and the huge of things to see. However, you can define some different time staying by an agreement with your guide or driver.
The price does not include any entrance ticket to monuments.
The price does not include any lunch
We suggest to wear some comfortable shoes, hat and sunglasses during spring and summer period. Do not miss to have a bottle of water with you.
Price to tour up to 4 people


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