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September 27 2013


Tour up to a maximum of 4 people
The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the finest royal buildings never made before. Indeed Caserta town always is associated to its Palace which has got the same name. this wonderful example of Italian neoclassicism was realized in 1751 by Luigi Vanvitelli under Charles of Bourbon commission. Actually the King asked to design something that could compete with the royal palaces of other European rulers and especially with Versailles. The palace was completed a century later because of the historical and policies events. The royal building has a rectangular layout with four courtyards. Inside it consists of approximately 1,200 rooms decorated according to the taste of the period. By looking at it, we can agree the real architect managed in this undertaking. The royal apartments, the Palatine Chapel with the Little court theatre are really impressive. Indeed, the whole complex is a true masterpiece of architecture. Its royal park with a waterfall and a fountain of majestic realization are also as regal as out of this world. The Basilica of St. Angelo in Formis - founded in the tenth century- is one of the most important Italian examples of medieval architecture with its colourful frescoes so still well preserved. Capua was called by Cicero “the altera Roma”. At this little town there are still the rests of the Augustan Age amphitheater ( the second largest after the Colosseum). The legend said in this amphitheatre there were trained some of the gladiators that would be performing in Rome. Moreover the legendary revolt of Spartacus’ gladiators would spread out from Capua.
This tour starts and ends at the Neapolis Hotel.
The departure is scheduled at about 9 am
The tour lasts approximately 5/7 hours.
You will visit: Caserta’s Royal Palace, Sant’Angelo in Formis’s Abbey And Capua’s amphitheater.
The timetable for each visit is linked to the importance and the huge of things to see. However, you can define some different time staying by an agreement with your guide or driver.
The price does not include any entrance ticket to monuments.
The price does not include any lunch
We suggest to wear some comfortable shoes, hat and sunglasses during spring and summer period.
Price to tour up to 4 people

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